ChobeNational Park

Chobe National Park is located on the North Eastern Botswana, about (11 000km2) in size, a home of over 75000 elephants, African skimmer, trumpeter horn bills, kliper's springer (a rare sighting). Evident sand ridges and water eroded cliff of Savuti indicate the presence of the ancient lake Paleo-Makgadikgadi that covered most of Botswana in the part. Large herd of free-roaming sable and roan antelope.

Moremi Game ReserveOkavango Delta

It is named after Chief Moremi of Batawana tribe. Game range from Elephant, Buffalos, Lions, Wattle crane (endangered species), African wild dogs probably the largest single genetically viable population on the continent with more than 400 dogs. Dug-out canoe safaris, supreme bird watching. Okavango delta is a RAMSAR site and a World Heritage site. Scenic flights in both light aircraft and helicopter are offered.

Central KalahariGame Reserve

Its probably the largest in the country about (51800sq km) well known of suricates, brown hyena, pale chanting-goshawk interactions with honey badgers, great night skies.The bushman or San people still live there! High concentration of the game along the fossil riverbeds in the summer months.

Makgadikgadi PansNational Park

Located in eastern Central Botswana (4900km) Ntwetwe, Sua and other pans make a total (12,000km2). You may encounter sparrowlacks, greater Kestreds, swucates ,brown hyena and migration of zebra and wilderbeast in Autumn is one spectacular scene one should witness. Quadbike rides a true experience on the pans.A visit to Chapman's and green's baobobs can be arranged.

Nxai Pans

A sister to the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, and located close by, is the 2578km2. An unobtrusive turnoff, 136km out from Maun on the Maun-Nata road.Nxai Pan, the name of which is claimed by some to be that of a hooked metal rod used to remove springhares from their holes, and by others to simply mean a pan, is open to visitors throughout the year, although road conditions can become difficult during times of heavy rain.

Victoria Falls

Victoria falls, one of the seven wonders of the world. The main bedrock in the Victoria falls area is basalt rock formed around 180 million years ago. Attractions are: Tour of the falls, helicopter rides, river cruise,fishing, birding opportunities, crocodile encounters, steam train experiences, bungee jumping and many more.